Anonymous Verified customer
Clean facility, open 24 hours, great staff. Elvis loves all of you!

Suzanne P Customer since 2004
High quality vet care, and cheerful service.

Anonymous Verified customer
We are so thankful that Dr Macphail and Dr Ulbrich are there for our four legged kids!! Always!!

Anonymous Verified customer

Anonymous Verified customer
Dr. Ulbrich is AMAZING!!! Hospital it very clean!!

Tara Cappello
I brought my 3 year old Maltese in because he was having trouble urinating and we soon found out it was bladder stones. He was in alot of pain and distress and needed to have procedures and surgery performed that we just could not afford. They worked with us and the surgery was a success! He is feeling much better and all thanks to the amazingly kind and generous staff! i will reccommend Deland Animal Hospital to EVERYONE i know!

Anonymous Verified customer
First class care – the knowledge about our dog’s case was outstanding. Being from out of town, we were concerned traveling with our dog who requires extensive medical care. Your veterinarians were brilliant and so hard working. We appreciate you consulting with our vet back home. We wish we could take you with us. Thank You for everything!

Joan M Customer since 2009
I am impressed with you veterinarians. But your prices are a shock

Carolyn H Customer since 2011
Your kindness and medical expertise in caring for Cinnamon during his hospitalization has paid off. He is thriving and back to sleeping in my big clay pot of marigolds enjoying the summer breeze during the day. To his chagrin, he is having to stay in the house at night but allowed to hunt outside in the morning. Thank you so much for the excellent care you give not only to Cinnamon but to all animals and for the convenience of 24 hr. availability for those of us who find need of this service. God bless you.

Deborah B Customer since 2004
Welcome Dr Beazlie! We love your passion and kindness for the exotic and avian critters!

Celeste R Customer since 2013
My experience was great on both visits everyone was very caring and helpful. Dr Wallace was very good very informative and professional, Leticia was very helpful and kind to us she explained everything and made us feel more in control.The front office receptionist I think her name was dotty(sorry if I am wrong) was ver helpful funny and kind, l have told everyone at our local paw park how wonderful and caring your staff was.THANK YOU!

Anonymous Verified customer
DeLand Animal Hospital keeps getting better and better. Open 24/7, the new doctors, the new staff; everything just keeps getting better

Riek F Customer since 2010
As usual, service was excellent.

Amereen D Customer since 2007
The care for my lilly and bella is outstanding. I feel my family is your family. Best care facility for dogs and cats in Voluisa County.

Jim L customer since 2012
Dr. Ulbrich and Dr. MacPhail are fantastic, caring, and always treat each client and pet as if you are the only ones there. The staff of technicians are equally wonderful! Even though RIver has been sick, she loves to visit her friends at Deland Animal Hospital!!

Anonymous Verified customer
Great Customer Service, Great Medicine, Great Doctors, Great Staff, Great 24 hour Hospital. How Great is it that DeLand has DELAND ANIMAL HOSPITAL!!!!!!

Edwina E Customer since 2011
DeLand Animal Hospital takes wonderful care of my pets!

Anonymous Verified customer
Absolutely fantastic! Great doctors, great staff, and they’re always open!

Anonymous Verified customer
I am a long time client, and Roscoe has loves to get spoiled by the Doctors and staff at DeLand Animal Hospital

Anonymous Verified customer
Emergency service was great! Our dog had a twisted stomach from bloat and they saved his life. We are so impressed with Dr Johnson! A big thank you to him and the skilled staff!

Anonymous Verified customer
We took our dogs to see Dr. Frank Beazlie and he was fantastic. He sat on the floor with our big dogs, playing with them. What fantastic bedside manner! He is such a great addition to an already amazing hospital!!

Anonymous Verified customer
I brought my dog Snoopy in for a possible broken leg. It turns out the ACL was torn, and Dr. MacPhail was able to repair it the next day. The service is impeccable and the price was very good. Thank you to the entire staff at DeLand Animal Hospital

Joseph R Customer since 2009
gave my pet the utmost attention.. called me up with the results of the blood test, and then followed up with an e-mail.

Haydee O Customer since 2012
The level of care my dogs have received has been exemplary. The staff is very friendly and seem to love what they do. Thank you for all you do.

Barbra P Customer since 2013
I did not have to wait beyond my appt. time. Very good vets and front desk staff.
Very glad I switched vets.

Melinda R Customer since 2004
My pet received excellent care at Deland Animal Hospital!

Anonymous Verified customer
The Doctors and Staff at Deland Animal Hospital are the very best. They are always there for us! I am so thankful they are open 24 hours, that puts our minds at ease!

Anonymous Verified customer
I must say that your hospital is top notch! We came in yesterday with our cat for his exam and vaccinations. While we waited, a lady came in with an emergency and we watched in amazement how compassionately and professionally the situation was handled. Despite the emergency, we were still seen promptly and as always, loved the friendly staff and vets!

When we came in today to pick up medications for our cat, we were thrilled to see that the emergency that had been treated the day before was being walked by a technician in the yard and he looked fantastic!

You guys don’t even realize how much we think of you! You are the very best at what you do.

Jared H Customer since 2010
Great treatment and care as always!

Tamika D Customer since 2013
I love how they took they with the love and care for my dog buck and I will be back soon

Jeri C Customer since 2013
Quality care with super friendly staff

Anonymous Verified customer
The best hospital and staff in the county!!!

Anonymous Verified customer
We had great experience and Bernie is completely healthy now. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!

Anonymous Verified customer
Cupid LOVES DeLand Animal Hospital 🙂

Cathy O Customer since 2009
Thanks to all for taking good care of me. Tobie

Anonymous Verified customer
Took care of my little kit at 1AM as swifty, calmly, and professionally as I could have hoped for.

Lynn E Customer since 2012
I brought my 2 yr 3 mos old cat, Tigger to DeLand Animal Hospital after my regular vet’s office had missed that he had pneumonia after several visits to their office over several days. Sunday evening after my vet’s office closed & I felt I couldn’t wait until Monday morning to take him once again to see his vet. I took him to DeLand Animal Hospital where they took x-rays of his lungs from 3 different angles & drew blood. I stuck around for the results of the blood test & was told his condition; they recommended that they keep him overnight for care & observation. He was placed in an oxygen cage, given nutrients & medication through an IV. He was in critical condition & I now feel that had I waited for Monday morning he would have died.

He was given the best care at DeLand Animal Hospital. He is now home & I give him 1 medication 2X’s daily every 12 hrs & another once in a 24 hr period. He’s still recovering & has a follow up appointment with Dr MacPhail tomorrow.

DeLand Animal Hospital is about a half an hour closer to my home & this is better for both my cat’s that are now under the care of the veterinarians at DeLand Animal Hospital. I like all the technicians that I have met & other staff members that man the front office area. Thank goodness that they have 24 hour services!

Anonymous Verified customer
The staff and doctors at DeLand Animal Hospital are the absolute best. I wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else and would recommend this hospital to my family and friends without hesitation!!

Ryan T Customer since 2013
Very friendly staff and Doctor. Thank you for your help with my new puppy.

Melen B Customer since 2012

Maria T Customer since 2004
DeLand Animal Hospital is a terrific veterinary clinic. The staff is always kind, gentle & very compassionate. All of the doctors are quite competent & knowledgeable. I wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else!

Susan W Customer since 2008
The name of the dog is Poco not Cocoa the wait was good and I was please with the service.

Mark B Customer since 2008
I have been using them for over 5years and think they’re the best for my pets needs

Jon F Customer since 2011
Courteous, professional and for my most recent visit, quick.

Lois H Customer since 2009
Who else would be so gentle and caring to a semi-feral cat but the personnel at DeLand Hospital along with the expertise of Dr. Ulbrich.

Steve M Customer since 2010
Always provide compassionate care whether boarded or seen by one of the vetinarians. If boarded they bathe and clip nails for our dog. Our dog wags his tail when he sees the staff there and is treated like one of their own animals.

Susan G Customer since 2008
The office visit for Jester was just wonderful, as always. Thank you all at the office, we appreciate the kindness and care you showed both Jester and us.

Dorothy T Customer since 2004
My appointments are always good! DAH has nothing but wonderful doctors and staff who care about animals.

Helen S Customer since 2013
I moved my pets to the Deland Animal Hospital from a vet I used to go for 15 years now. The doctors are knowledgeable, the staff is helpful and friendly. The office is clean and the whole atmosphere is inviting.

Cynthia W Customer since 2013
I brought my pup in on Sunday, and got prompt and fantastic service from the staff. It’s great to have a 24/7 vet in Deland. Thanks so much.

Julie A Customer since 2005
If it was not for you I would have Lost My Dog .A Berniese Mountain Dog (Tabby).You brought her right in and did emergency sugery and
because you were quick to respond I still have my Girl.I love you all .You are like Family and have care for our Dogs from day 1. I Could not THANK YOU enought.

Cheryl L Customer since 2012
I’ve had a wonderful experience each time I’ve come to Deland Animal Hospital. Everyone I come in contact with is pleasant, courteous and you can tell they really care about animals, as well as their owners. Thanks DAH!!!

Leslie R Customer since 2004
more than expected and than some as always thank you doctors and staff for going above and beyond. I always say prayers for all the people and animals past, present, and future who come through the doors, and for the property itself Amen.

Rodney/Mike E Customer since 2004
the young lady who took my dogd after admission was extreamly kind and attentive to my instructions. She had the same helping attitude when I picked up the dogs. she assisted me to the car. I also noticed a note she had written concerning the care and feeding of the picky eating Chelsey. I was very impressed with this yoing lady. I am sorry I did not get her name. I picked them up on Tue. at 8am.

Anonymous Verified customer
wonderful care, nicest vets and office staff, we have always got a best care for our dogs and cats, thank you!

Jim/Jennifer R Customer since 2005
Arf Arf Bark Bark >>>>>>>>> the best service can’t wait to go back !

Kimberly P Customer since 2013
Great experience !

Lynn K Customer since 2008
Verything went great. I will be abck next year.

Cheyenne D Customer since 2012
I am very thankful to have chosen Deland Animal Hospital for not only boarding my baby but also during her first experience of boarding she underwent two surgeries, being spayed and front declaw removal. From day one the staff was really nice, personable, and understanding to the nervous mother that I am. It really calmed my nerves knowing she was going to be in good hands. During her stay I received a photo update after she came out of surgery and on periodically during the week as an update to let me know she is doing well. More over the staff went above and beyond what was required of them; Laurie in particular took the time to get to know my sweet angle and made a card board box to give her a dark quiet place to cuddle. And even at home Sophia sleeps in the house that was made for her during her stay at Deland Animal Hospital. I am beyond pleased with the services they provide and the staff truly does love what they do.

James J Customer since 2013
I couldn’t ask for a better Vet…would recommend to anyone especially bulldog owners…..absolutly the best!

Thomas M Customer since 2004
I am very pleased with the services provided by your hospital. You probably remember when I came in with my old dog Bart, He had been slowing down and his xrays appeared normal. But Dr Ulbrich just seemed to know that something else was going on and when she did the ultrsaound we found a small tumor on his spleen. We deciede to have the operation and it turned out that the tumor was cancer but the surgery was a cure!

Bart is now home and cancer free. What we wanted to let you know is that we were amzed how all of you at the hospital – the technicians and the doctors – just knew how scared we were. All of you held our hands through this scary time and not only did Bart make it through but so did we. Your kindness and skill is amazing and my wife and I will always remember you. Thank you to all. PS. We hope you enjoyed the cookie platter! 🙂

Anonymous Verified customer
Because of road work, parking was difficult and crowded. Also, the waiting room can become crowded at times. You need more space in both areas.

Anonymous Verified customer
Great technicians, doctors, and support staff!

Gail C Customer since 2004
Dr. Tom is the greatest with my Belle and Lilly. Great Doctor. Dr Deb is also Great!!

Anonymous Verified customer
The best veterinary hospital in the entire state of Florida! The vets and staff are wonderful, kind, knowledgable and treat your pet as if it was their own. I’ve also never heard of an animal hospital that is truly always open, but they really are always there to take good care of your loved ones, so for all of those reasons and many more, in my opinion it’s worth driving 30 miles past other vets just to see them

Anonymous Verified customer
You guys are always great!

Anonymous Verified customer
I found the staff to be very helpful and friendly and very good with my dogs.The prices are reasonable.

Kathy V Customer since 2006
We love your practice. We have been with you for 10 years and you have helped us through some very rough times with out beloved cat- Kimu and Dog Casey who., both have passed away.

Jessica S Customer since 2006
I was told by 2 people one thing then when my pet was ready to leave was told something different.

Gloria P Customer since 2009
Our family kitty was very ill (kidney issues) and at 7 years old still full of life. The vets and staff at DeLand Animal Hospital treated our kitty like one of their own and were very knowledgable and expediant in diagnosing and treating his illness. They also worked with us as to costs – keeping it somewhat affordable so we were not stressed over finances but were able to focus on getting our kitty better and back home. We have utilized DeLand Animal Hospital on several occasions in the past for various ailments affecting our furry family members and have been more than pleased with the services rendered, the only exception being when we had to put down one of our beloved pets.

Jamie S Customer since 2010
Efficient. Patient. Caring. Extremely Qualified.
Sums it up!

Michael Q Customer since 2013
AWESOME! Everyone is helpful and kind. It is a real pleasure to take my puppy there.

Kathleen B Customer since 2013
I was so impressed with the Dr and the staff. Excellent customer service, and Dr very knowledgeable and willing to take time to answer questions and provide explanations. Would recommend this vet practice to anyone seeking a full service vet for their pets. Also the 24 hour emergency service is a great feature.

Anonymous Verified customer
I was seen quickly, the receptionist was very friendly, informative and put me at ease. The doctor was wonderful and knowledgeable and solved my dogs issue quickly. Good Job DAH!!

Kathy Marsala
As long as I am in the area Deland Hospital is where my animals will go. The office staff are always kind and considerate, the techs are gental with pre check and always nice. The vets themselfs I cannot say enough about them. What they have done for me and my family during one of the hardest times in my life haveing to put our beautiful golden to rest. The compassion, caring, support and love came from everyone in that hospital. We have rescued a duck toller since then and will not go anywhere else. Thank you to all at DeLand Animal Hospital!!!

Kathy Marsala
As long as I am in the area Deland Hospital is where my animals will go. The office staff are always kind and considerate, the techs are gental with pre check and always nice. The vets themselfs I cannot say enough about them. What they have done for me and my family during one of the hardest times in my life haveing to put our beautiful golden to rest. The compassion, caring, support and love came from everyone in that hospital. We have rescued a duck toller since then and will not go anywhere else. Thank you to all at DeLand Animal Hospital!!!

Donnie G Customer since 2012
eased my mind. She is doing great now

Jo Anne C Customer since 2011

Anonymous Verified customer
The staff and Dr.s are wonderful

Gloria E Customer since 2009
I’ve been very pleased with my experiences!They always get you right in! Very compassionate + professonal. I highly recommend them.

Eddie H Customer since 2005
Took very good care of my baby and made sure she was going to be ok. Took her right in on my arrival. Thanks so much!!!

Sharon Z Customer since 2013
Best animal hospital I have seen. Have 2 other dogs and will be bringing them too.

Anonymous Verified customer
Dr MacPhail and his staff are wonderful! They are always there when we need them!

Victor N Customer since 2011
Both of us are very glad to have you as our Vet. The staff and everyone is very helpful. You also get back with answer for us. Car8l, Victor Nelson

Olivia M Customer since 2004
As always, they are kind and compassionate. My cat had a lump that was possibly cancer (turned out to be a nasty infection), but they kept me informed during the testing process and treating the infection. I drive an hour and a half each way just to use DeLand Animal Hospital because I feel they are the best in Central Florida.

Leslie R Customer since 2004
always a please honest, caring just overall pleasureable experience always.

Kathyann C Customer since 2010
The medication was filled in a very timely manner

Thomas M Customer since 2004
DeLand Animal Hospital does Chemo therapy!!!! I thougt I would have to spend $1000’s at the University of Florida. Dr Ulbrich was able to treat Hershey using the same medications, and she was able to save me a lot of time and money. Dr Ulbrich is also the most compassoinate veterian I have ever met. I would recommend DeLand Animal Hospital to everyone I know.

Anonymous Verified customer
All of the staff and doctors are wonderful!!

Anonymous Verified customer
My dog sustained a horrible injury this week and needed to have his mangled leg fixed. Dr MacPhail fixed what others thought was hopeless. He is incredible! Being able to visit him daily and having all of the satff care so much made us realize that your hospital is the best! and my family thanks all of you at DeLand Animal Hospital!