Platelet Rich PlasmaHumans aren’t the only ones who need blood transfusions in emergencies! In order to provide a reliable source of blood for our patients, we have extablished a volunteer donors program.

Does your dog want to be a Super Hero? And be a blood donor? Please check out the following criteria:

Qualifications to be a blood donor:
Dog must be >1 year of age, but less than seven years old
Weighs at least 55 pounds
Current on vaccinations and flea and heartworm control
Gentle disposition
Has never had a blood transfusion
Ability to make a one year commitment and be on call 24 hours a day
May donate up to four times per year

Free Benefits of Becoming a Blood Donor:
Free Annual Examination
Routine blood work (complete blood analysis and chemistry profile) once a year, blood typing and infectious disease screening (including tick borne and heartworm disease)

How it Works:
Once your dog qualifies as a donor, you will be on call for one full year. This means we will call you if your dog is one of the blood types we need in our hospital for a transfusion. The actual donation process takes less than 10 minutes, in which your dog will be asked to lay on his or her side while our veterinarian draws blood from their jugular vein. After donating, your dog will be rewarded with praise, treats and able to consider himself / herself a true hero. If this seems like a good fit for you and your dog, please call us at 386-734-1802 to schedule a blood typing appointment.

Cat Blood Donors
Cats must be anesthetized in order to give blood, so we don’t ask privately owned cats to become blood donors. All of our blood donor cats live in the DeLand Animal Hospital Cat Adoption room and may be adopted out any time!